Lady at Skansen

June 2005/Stockholm/Fuji Sensia 100

At Skansen, They were houses of a Rich farmer, Worker, Carpenter n etc.. In every house some ppl(mostly women) were living.. dressed in typical Swedish dress.
I wanted to shoot them but the light was very low n flash wasn't allowed.

At one house this lady I shot this lady, I guess She is suppose to be Wife of a Rich Farmer.



June 2005/Stockholm/Fuji Sensia 100/Handheld/+3 Closeup Filter

This one is from the same Herb Garden at Skansen. I shot this hand held.. I was expecting some shake.. as I'm not get with handheld macros.. but I'm happy with the result.. If I had a tripod I wld hav few more macros!


Herb Garden

June 2005/Stockholm/Fuji Sensia 100

In this garden, Herbs have been grown since 1890 itseems!
This Garden was b'ful with the lovely herb smell!


One more Kid

June 2005/Stockholm/Fuji Sensia 100

One more Kid at Skansen.


Mom & Kid at Skansen


Wooden House

June 2005/Stockholm/Fuji Sensia 100 ASA

I was in Stockholm for 3 weeks, It's wonderful city. Will post some of the pix from the trip.
I shot this at Skansen, It's a bful open air museum. They 've moved lots of old houses from other part of Sweden..

I was there on a clody day.. So the lighting in pic isn't gr8 :-(

But I had gr8 time there :-)



Nov 2004/Kumbakonam/B&W Film/Cropped & Rotated 180 deg

I hope this gonna be last pic from Temple series.

This is Reflection of a temple and few buildings.

When I showed this pic to my friends they thought I did something with PS till I told them what it is.

After this picture I'm inspired to do a project on just Reflections...

Here is the original picture :-)



Kids were playing in the middle of Mahamaham Tank..
Mahamaham had become well known to common ppl after TN CM took a dip there!!



Kumbakonam/Nov 2004/B&W film


More Temples..

Nov 2004/Kumbakonam/B&W Film

This one too from Kumbakonam, Wish there was a humnan element in the frame :-(


Lighting at Golconda Fort

This is from last year Hydrabad Trip pix.
I shot at Golconda Fort.. While Jags was moving around After I this shot.
I like the lighting in this shot, Even though it's doesnt make a gr8 shot:-)


One in Many Temples at Kumbakonam

Nov 2004/Kumbakonam/B&W Film

Even Kanchipuram is like Kumbakonam.. You cld find a temple almost all the streets :-)



Kumbakonam/Nov 2004/B&W Film