Golconda Fort 2


Golconda Fort

Last month end me and jags been to hyd. shot few roll in Charminar and Golconda Fort.. I'ill post thme now on..

I shot 2 B&W rolls and I tried slide for the first time.. After dev d rolls I liked the snaps shot using slide, I got b'full sky.. and most of them are very bright or very dark. I guess I need to learn more abt meatering.

In Hyd, most of places(like charminar, golconda) they dont allow tripod;( To use tripod u need to get some permission itseems.. I dont know wats the prob in using tripod!


Trek Route

PS: scanned picture quality is not so gud.


Coracle at Galibore


View from Cauvery river bank


National Geographic Greatest Portraits!!

I thought I cld post some of the intresting information/articles/pictues frm web..

I just come across National Geographic Greatest Portraits.. there are some amazing portraits.. with that there was an intresting article What Makes a Great Portrait?

B&W portraits is one of my dream.. I dont know how do ppl react when u try 2 take thier pictures!!!


Rafting Gears @ CFC


Jodies Coston's Free Online Photography Course

This real gud resource for beginners to start with.. Chk out the


Shivasamudram Falls

Couple of weeks back I had been to the Shivasamudram falls.. I had chance to shoot few snaps in slow shutter speed.. they r here..