You're doing great everyday! Great shot of St. Andrew's Cross (commonly known as signature spider, scientific name is Argiope xxxxxx <-- subspecies I forgot). What your photo is missing is the "signature" of the spider on the web (a very typical of this species, puts a white zigzag mark on the web when done), though I think it is there (I can see a glimpse on left bottom corner). Do you have a shot including the "signature" too?

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

Thanks for the info abt this spider.. I know lill abt spiders :)

I shot few more Spiders, I can c zigzag mark in the web.. but it looks bit differnt frm this one.. Are they same?


Yes they belong to same family, Argiope. But different subspecies. Your other photo is most probably of Argiope versicolor. Don't know the original's subspecies.