I shot this at Kodachadri.. I thought its not gud to shoot this kind of flowers with filters(i dont know abt Macro Lens) bcoz top part is gone out of focus.. I shot this with aperture at F16 or F22.. but I'm happy with the results.. any suggestions?


Srikanth said...

Good picture.
I guess this is what you can get with a macro filter. I am not sure about macro lens but, I guess you can get better dof by being parallel to the subject, but this is a better composition for this subject, but with something like f8 you get good dof by keeping the front of lens parallel to subject.

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

ya true man.. I feel macro lens shd be gud when shooting this kind of flowers..

Nish said...

Nice one here! Macro lens are great while clicking these kind of pics!your pic has come real nice! good one