Trek Guide

This guy was our guide while trekking to Tadiyandamol Peak.


Anonymous said...

Here is a soul of infinite wisdom. Loyal scout - steered through all the intricacies of that jungle.
Satz, I'm awefully glad that you shared this pic. Look at his posture; all contented and satisfied after the successful trek :-)


Amazing. When I was there, we too had a dog which came following us for some time, and then started leading the way. And he was more than happy when we shared some cakes/holiges with him :-)

Nish said...

These guys are the best! total enthu to help, play, eat, lead! i really miss mine

Sudarshan said...

Nice one! Three of them accompanied us. Have a look at our GUIDES :)

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

Jani: :-)

Kousik: I guess he guides most of the trekkers to the peak :-)

Nish: and intelligent..

Sudu: They r coool n that was nice shot with Mist :-)