On the go..

I tried many flight shot.. around 5 - 10, I liked this one..


armadillo said...

good shot satz! I guess this fellow is an inermediate egret in breeding stage.(yellow lores and black beak is the key) How was it looking in other postures? No shake , perfect!!! Cheers!

Suyog said...

Hey good one man. I like the background which seems to be filled with this guy's friends :-) You can see that only in the bigger version of this picture.

BTW, why have you reduced the display of pictures to 1 ? It is always good to have at least 5 so that one can catch up with the last entries also. Don't u think so ?

Nish said...

i was waiting when you would post a flight photo! i could bet that you had atleast a few of them!
this is cool one man the dof is nice for this one! Nice

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

Armadillo: Thanks... This is the only better flight shot i got.. it was tought to shoot flight shots :-(

Suyog: Ya i hav just croped only this bird.. rest is in the bigger pic.. na i hav 5 posts r there.. I am thinking of making it only one post.. but my pics r smaller size so until i get a DSLR i shd continue with this way :-)

Nish: This is the only better pic.. Wish I DSLR, I cld hav tried more flight shots.. :-(

Siddharth said...

You have some real good pictures from your trip. This is good. You really must have had a great time. And thanks for clarifying that you cropped this from a bigger image... i kept wondering how you managed to get such a clean shot of a flying bird! :-D

By the way, how do you put the copyright information on your pics?

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

Ya Sid.. I hav 300mm only, With that I cant get very close to birds.. I crop most of the bird pix..

I use GIMP to add copyright.. if ur using GIMP tell me , I can mail u a Script-Fu script.. that makes it easy to add copyright :-)


This is good, but my usual crib, your meter is a little bit fooled. Isn't the photo slightly overexposed? The details near the neck/body is washed out. I generally try these with a manual -1EV underexposure, you can try bracketing in continuous mode!

And a -1 underexposure doubles your shutter speed, thus freezing the action better! :-)

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

Ya Kousik.. I used matrix matering.. I knew that wld spoil the flight shots.. as the sky is much brighter.. but here backgroud was a big trees.. I think it's bcoz of that it has been over-exposed.. I shd start practicing bracketing.. I dont know why I never do that very often :-(